We are Kaizo

So what do we do?

We use the power of real-time data, AI and gamification in a B2B SaaS platform to enable employees managing and developing their performance towards achieving their goals and making an impact in their companies.

Kaizo is a cloud-based SaaS solution for customer support teams with the vision to enable operational scaling within large organizations. Our team of currently 20 Ninjas have startup and enterprise experience alike, have always an opportunistic mood, and understand how to tackle the world while being constantly challenged.

Our product has held its place amongst the top 10 rated apps in the Zendesk marketplace and is used by thousands of customer support professionals worldwide. We are also thrilled to have been named in Forbes list of Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2020.

We are growing fast, and over the next year, we will grow much, much bigger. New Ninjas who will join our team will get a unique opportunity to experience that great journey with us.

Why Join Kaizo?

apart from being part of a top team

  • Make a massive impact on the company. There's still so much to achieve, everything you do will contribute to our success. This is your chance to make a difference every day. 

  • Broaden your skills.  Being a part of a growing startup, we sometimes need to wear many hats. 

  • Learn fast. You will be able to take on new challenges and learn. We're actively supporting the acceleration of your learning with our internal coaching system.

  • Join us at a magical time. There’s plenty of room to experiment and try out your ideas 

"Being at Kaizo means I work with bright minds on new, exciting and unsolved challenges. Of course, we like to deliver fast. But don't get me wrong: at each and every step that we take we seek to improve ourselves, our systems, and our code. I pitch ideas in whiteboard discussions, experiment with new design patterns, and am encouraged to introduce new tools to help us automate further. And let's not forget to mention seeing the immediate, visible and usually positive impact your code has on our end-user."


Software Engineer

"I wanted to work in a company with an encouraging environment where there is a lot of transparency, trust and freedom to experiment. That's what I've found here at kaizo. I get to do my own work, I'm trusted and I feel good. I can own what I do and be an important part of all decision making."


Data Engineer

"I never imagined working with gamification, but it really challenges me as a designer. I have to analyse a lot of information and really think about the design as it’s a critical part of our product. I’m lucky to work with pretty much everyone at Kaizo, and I have to say the people are amazing. It’s easy to share ideas and thoughts openly, and it’s a space where I feel appreciated and valued, and that is a big motivator for me."